LL-C / INTERCER has available a global network of qualified inspectors. As standard with our quotation, we deliver anonymous curriculum vitae of an inspector for the customer to review his/her experience before placing an order. We are always looking for the most feasible inspection while keeping finances in mind.

Check of project completeness.

This type of inspection is performed from the draft phase within the inspection of construction or production documentation followed by inspection right during the production, assembly or repairs of technical equipment and the final operation and review tests. For this inspection type, LL-C usually produces an independent inspection procedure submitted for final approval by the customer.

Participation during production and tests The customer, who requires inspection, usually defines the scope of the inspection activities and tests according to its procedures. LL-C then checks compliance with the documents delivered by the customer in the form of approved technical documentation, procedures, and provisions in contracts or as reference to generally available standards.

Either an inspection report or certificate on conformity is issued. Provision of compliance with legislation requirements.
Based on basic project submitted by the customer, LL-C will define additional requirements of legislation requirements of the target country or compliance of the same is reviewed during production, completion or operation tests.
This type of service is usually used for supplies where a general contractor dispatches equipment to third country.

Inspection as a bank instrument.

We offer inspection of quality, quantity and packaging in cases where the customer makes payment via a letter of credit and a certificate from an independent third party is one of the documents required. Instrument for declaration of compliance Declaration on conformity of producer, supplier or operator.

For some modules, where declaration on conformity by the producer or supplier is required for checking of compliance (e.g. CE mark), an inspection report from third party is a legitimate document for issuing of the certificate.

Use our experience to help the producer, supplier or operator of equipment to find an optimum solution for cooperation from determination of basic requirements, testing up to full inspection services.

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INTERCER is a Quality Technical/Engineering Consulting Services company.

Engages the services for Quality Control, Manpower resource and Procurement ASIA (China and other countries) and Latin America


We work seamlessly together with mor than 30  international partners to serve our clients wherever they need us.

Our partners are around the world. We make our collective knowledge, experience and global network available to our clients. Our partners have the offices located in main industrial area around the world.

INTERCER provide expert Inspection services, resident or ad-hoc in the following disciplines:

- Mechanical: Welding, Pressure Vessels, Rotating, Packaged Skids, Piping , Valves, Fittings, Structural, 3rd Party Teams for Fabrication Locations Onshore or Offshore, Pipelines, FPSOs, Topsides  etc.

- Electrical: Control Panels, Batteries, Motors, Transformers, Switchgear etc.

- Instrumentation: Controls, Actuation, SCADA, PLC etc.

- Coatings: Corrosion Control, Linings, Weight Coatings etc.

-  Offshore & Sub-Sea Materials and Equipment: Jacket & Deck Fabrication, Umbilical's, Trees, Pipelines, Valves etc.

- Pre-shipment: Conformity to Shipping Documentation, Packaging Specifications and Quantity Verification.

- Product Quality: Production Line Quality Control, Conformity to Purchaser’s Specifications and Manufacturer’s Quality Standards

- Cargo Loading/Offloading by Stowage Specialist & Supervisors

INTERCER specialist expediters provide resident or ad-hoc expediting services to represent client’s best interests, working with the client and suppliers to ensure optimum performance and schedule throughout  the life of the Purchase Order from receipt of order to shipment:

- Desk Expediting performed either from PQC or Client’s Offices

- Drawings and Documentation submittal and approval Process Including Design Drawings and Documents, QC, Supplier’s Procurement, Production, Logistics and Transportation

- Coordination Between Client and Supplier for ongoing Technical and Order Management issues

- Supplier’s Procurement Planning & Scheduling.

- Supplier’s Expediting and Sub-Order Management

- Suppliers Planning and Progress for Packing & Transportation

- Order Close-Out, Submission of As-Built Data-Books and Quality Records

Why choose INTERCER?

More comfortable - Management of the process from international standard and regulations and rules.

Less expensive - We provide a complete, quality range of services that avoids client monitoring in China by themselves - saving your cost.

More secure - Professional quality control carried out by an experienced team of inspectors that knows how to carry out complex quality control works.

Faster - Fast and efficient service; receive an updated status report within 48 hours of completion on the factory floor.

Certification, inspection and audit solutions focused on business optimization.
Our multidisciplinary team of experts is passionate about continually pushing the limits of data quality/precision and inspection efficiency, intuitive user controls/interfaces, and the use of artificial intelligence for fully automated utility inspections.

We benefit from decades of expertise in inspection technologies in the Energy markets and incorporate the leading technology in our systems.






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